Your Skincity gift!

Buy your choice of products for over 800 SEK (or 90 EURO) and you will receive our selected favorites as a gift!  (Can be combined with all other offers).

Your Skincity gift!

"Only what your skin needs..”"

We are proud to finally be able to offer Paula Begoun’s unbelievable product series, Paula´s Choice.  Paula Beugon, also known as The Cosmetic Cop, is world renowned for being the watchdog in the cosmetic branch. Her own series, Paula´s Choice, is the result of suffering from problem skin herself in her younger years and trying everything you could think of that was out on the market without any results. Today she has developed a complete series of remarkable products for all skin types and conditions.

Who better to present the brand than Paula herself? Watch Paula tell all about what is unique about her products and her collaboration with Skincity here!

Are you keen to test Paula’s Choice? Take our skin test or call us and we will help you choose the right products.

Our other big event this October is our Skincity gift.  When you buy any products at Skincity for over 800kr, you will receive a hand picked gift worth 850kr.  The gift contains a taste of our skin therapists fall favorites.  We dare to promise that you will love them.  You will even receive a Skincity-bag in an exclusive color that we call “Lipstick Pink”.  Our gift is a LIMITED EDITION.

We at Skincity have a passion for skin and skin care. Our most important job is to help you find the right products and stay updated on the latest products in skin care.

Unsure of which products you should choose? Take our skin test and you will receive help from our knowledgeable skin therapists. Or call us at +46 8 68 400 100 weekdays and sundays from 9-16.

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"Your unique Skincity gift"

Paula’s Choice gives your skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.  These are effective products that treat everything from acne to pigmentation, wrinkles and sensitive skin with rosacea.

Just for you!  You will get our skin therapists 10 hand picked fall favorites when you buy any products for over 800kr or 90 EURO.  The gifts are valued at: 850kr or 95 EURO.

The Organic Pharmacy is organic luxury at its best!  Our tip!  Antioxidant Face Gel and Face Serum is your skin’s dream treatment for your skin at night.  Give your skin new energy immediately!

NEW! Paula´s Choice

Introductory Offer: You will receive RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate 5 ml  when you purchase any product of your choice. » Read more

Your Skincity gift!

Buy your choice of products for over 800 SEK (or 90 EURO) and you will receive our selected favorites as a gift! (Can be combined with all other offers).

The Organic Pharmacy

We will give you 20% off of our exclusive organic products from London. » Read more

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Always customized…. At Skincity we always offer personal skin care tips and advice. When you do our skin test online we give you a free individual skin care recommendation. We pick products from our assortment that we think will suit you. You get your answer within 48 hours. 

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